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Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

All the the questions & answers we put are primary, you can contact us any time for any question, information or complain at our contact page……Thank you!

Are your products original?

Yes!……All our products are original from their various manufacturing companies.

Do you people support free delivery?

Yes!…..We support free delivery depending on the product you purchase but only in lagos for now but can ship to any destination once you’d paid for the product(s).

Does your products warranty certified?

Yes!…..Most of our products comes with warranty certificate.

Must i come to your shop before i can purchase a product?

No!……You can purchase any product of your choice online and we’ll deliver it to any destination of your choice but you may pay for delivery service.

Are all your clothes already made?

We have already made clothes but can design and produce any custom cloth (fashion) you wish as long as you give us the required measurement.

Can i do bank transfer?

Yes!……You can do bank transfer to us and the product will be delivered to you.

Can i test drive a car before i pay?

Yes!……You can test drive any car that you wish to buy and make payment if you are satisfied with it.

Do you sell accidented cars?

No!……All our cars are in good shape and they are non-accidented.